Fatty: There’s No Place for the Fattest Man to Hide

Ground Floor Residency at Berkeley Rep

Erik Van Dennison is a mall Santa falsely accused of molesting a 9 year old girl. Now, years later, he’s alone. Committing a slow suicide with every bite of food he stuffs in his face. He has no family or friends, except for hallucinations of Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle and Charlie Chaplin, two men with whom he shares a similar past. Told through traditional elements of vaudeville (word play, song, dance, magic, etc.), Fatty explores what it really means to be fat in America.

Including Shooter

Published by Playscripts, Inc.


Best play of the season thus far.
— New York theatre critic Peter Filichia

How do you talk about something unthinkable? Including Shooter offers a way to begin, by exploring the context of a fictional shooting in three sections. The first is a dreamlike look at the pressures in the lives of a group of high school students, one of whom, James Smith, chooses violence as an escape. The second revisits the same students ten years later, as they all struggle to move on--though not all remain among the living. The third section takes place outside of time, where James finds himself among a society of shooters who came before him. This absorbing, elegiac play spotlights one unforgettable character after another in a series of interweaving scenes and monologues that never oversimplify.

The Dreams in Which I’m Dying

Official Selection: The AMERICAN THEATRE GROUP Presents The Deborah Aquila reading series

Jack is a selfish, alcoholic poet with a toxic family. Billy, his brother, is a soldier suffering extreme PTSD. When Billy commits suicide, Jack must decide what to do with Billy’s five year old son.  The choice becomes suffocating as the ghosts of Jack’s past and his toxic family catch up to him. The fine line between selfishness and selflessness is explored as Jack searches for a way to love the child.

The Ballad of 423 and 424

Winner of the Heideman Award

Finalist for the Kennedy Center ACTF National Ten-Minute Play Award

Finalist for the NAPAT award for strongest writer’s voice


A masterpiece of the short play format.
— Raven J. Railey, Theatre Louisville

When a new neighbor moves in next door to one of the most popular and reclusive novelists in the world, she knocks his entire obsessive routine out of balance. In this opening-and-closing-door ballet of love and loneliness, will either be brave enough to answer the other's knock?

It’s wacky and good fun, and shows how even accomplished people must overcome their fears—and what good things can happen when they do.
— Cary Stemle, LEO Weekly
This quick-moving and hilarious boy-meets-girl play delivers the romantic goods.
— Kate Barry, artslouisville.com

The Initiation

Installation Piece for Scare L.A.'s Haunted Campsite

Deep in the New Haven woods, a secret society of men meets to call forth an ancient spirit to keep their patriarchy in power against a sweeping, nationwide epidemic of feminist thought. Using traditional camp fire tales (and an appearance from John Wayne Gacy), The Initiation weaves a chilling story of what certain men are willing to do to keep their stronghold of power, influence, and privilege. 


Detectives Curtis and Lewis are on the hunt for a homicidal mad man who has a penchant for targeting women and taunting the police. This grindhouse style horror play is a bloody, disturbing exploration of the cost of life and feminism in the horror genre.