Almost, Maine

Guest Director @ Moorpark College

Nick's Director's note in the Almost, Maine program: 

Almost lost in a nearly epic tome of notes included in the script , Jon Cariani quite simply says: Almost, Maine is “a play about real people who are really, truly, honestly dealing with the toughest thing there is to deal with in life: love.” To me, that is the Rosetta Stone of this play.

It’s easy to miss the point of this play. It would be simple to make it saccharine. Or play up the laughs for pure comedy. It’s difficult to fight for the reality, especially when the moments of magic seem to fight so hard against that much needed realism. But, when you really think about it, love is magic.

I mean really… think about it.

Think about the astronomical, infinitesimally small chance we have at love. All the things in this life working against us. All the piles of junk that can easily (and often does) get in the way of letting someone in. The debris. The mounds of baggage. The left overs of past lovers and heartache left behind to rot. To love again: all that “past” has to be stripped away, piece by piece. One has to be left bare – naked - in order for love to even have a chance to sneak in. We have to raze our defenses. Be open. Be vulnerable. It’s scary. I hate it. It’s falling without a net. And, personality, it’s the best thing to have ever happened to me.

Support of this vision was incredible. The first few meetings with scenic designer Brian Koehler blossomed into one of the most beautiful and metaphoric sets I’ve ever seen (not to mention a treasured friendship), Mickey Howell and his total buy in on the unconventional and representative lights, Sophie Gana and her stunning dedication and those Northern Lights, Haleh Risdana and the simple and clean costume/make-up design, John Loprieno and the trust to allow it all to happen, this insane cast and their bravery and trust in me to be able to tap into an emotional vein and bleed tears on so many nights… Nobody cut corners when it could have been easy to do so. I’m so unbelievably proud to be part of this production.

Love is struggle.... And so is putting on a play.

Love is leaping when your self-preservation tells you no.... And so is being emotionally vulnerable in front of a bunch of strangers.

Love is brave... And so are these actors and this crew.

Please accept this piece of us. It hurts to give. And it’s all the more precious for the pain. And thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us tonight.


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