Other Desert Cities

 Center Theatre Group

Brooke Wyeth returns home to Palm Springs to visit her parents after a six-year absence. A once-promising novelist, she announces to her family the imminent publication of a memoir dredging up a pivotal and tragic event in the family's history - a wound that her parents don't want reopened.

Moderated audience talkbacks and served as assistant production dramaturge to Pier Carlo Talenti. Jon Robin Baitz was on hand for this production of Other Desert Cities. Performed at The Mark Taper Forum and directed by Robert Egan, the production starred Robin Weigert, Robert Foxworth, JoBeth Williams, Michael Weston, and Jeannie Berlin.


 San Francisco Playhouse

Imagine if anyone with the money could get a brain implant that automatically makes them a genius.  

While working at SF Playhouse, I spent two weeks in the room with Benjamin/Brown, Bill English, and the cast for a developmental reading.


The Sunset Limited

 San Francisco Playhouse

Black is an ex-convict and an evangelical Christian. White is an atheist and a professor. They debate the meaning of human suffering, the existence of God, and the propriety of White's attempted suicide.

While working at the SF Playhouse, I brought The Sunset Limited to Bill English’s attention. In return he asked me to serve as production dramaturge with an eye toward cracking open the dense story and tracking the “to be or not to be” argument. This is an especially difficult play because many consider it to be closer to a novel than a true play because of its subtitle, "A Novel in Dramatic Form". 

Thespian Playworks

at the International Thespian Festival

Since 2012, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been invited to serve as a developmental dramaturge at the yearly International Thespian Festival for Playworks. I assist a high school student develop a new work over the course of several meetings, culminating with a week-long intensive in Lincoln, Nebraska. In the end, each play is performed as a script in hand reading and then published by both Dramatics Magazine and Samuel French. 

I've also served as a dramaturge for the California State Thespian Festival.

Circuits    by Rachel Lepore

Circuits by Rachel Lepore

The Crib    by Steve Rathje

The Crib by Steve Rathje

This Play is About Pirates   by  Caleigh Derreberry

This Play is About Pirates by Caleigh Derreberry

It's Gonna Rain    by Matthew Waterman

It's Gonna Rain by Matthew Waterman

Six Character In Search of an Author

Pleasant Valley High School - Bettendorf, IA

Updated and recontextualised in this vertiginous new version, the play becomes a dark parable for a media-obsessed age and an exhilarating exploration of how we define art, ourselves and ‘reality’ in the twenty-first century. Blurring the border between fiction and life, between the stage and the world outside, this is Pirandello's classic play updated for the twenty-first century.

Student Written One Acts

Moorpark College

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