Listen to Nick on “Living with a Genius,” an incredible podcast hosted by Omar Crook. 

From the podcast description: Nicholas C. Pappas is a director, dramaturge and Heideman Award-winning playwright. His plays include The Ballad of 423 and 424, Fatty, Including Shooter, and The Dreams in Which I’m Dying. Nick is a thoughtful, bright guy who I’m glad to know, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we collaborated again in the future. Thanks for being on the show, buddy!

From the podcast description: In this second episode of The Inexplicable Dumb Show’s coverage of the 36th Annual Humana Festival of New American Plays hosted by Actors Theatre of Louisville; Oh, Gastronomy! and the Ten Minute Plays are discussed.  Joining the IDS this week are: Michael Golamco, Steve Moulds, Tanya Saracho, Matt Schatz, Kyle John Schmidt, Laura Jacqmin, and Nicholas C. Pappas.

To listen, click on the link to The Inexplicable Dumb Show. 

playscripts, inc blog

In conjunction with the publication of Including Shooter, I did an interview with Playscripts, Inc about the inspiration behind the play, the theater that excites me, and my advice for aspiring writers. Click on this link to read: We chat with Nicholas C. Pappas about his new play, ‘Including Shooter’

#Haiku Review

Whenever I see a movie in a theater, I tweet a review in haiku. These are some of my favorites. Want more? Follow me on twitter.

Pit in my stomach.
The currency of failure
Is the price of dreams.
Visual wet dream.
I’ll watch any Refn flick.
No easy answers.
#Captain Fantastic
Acting, fantastic.
Film’s key: Lolita reference.
How to raise a child?
An acting lesson.
Last scene is dialogue porn.
Screenplay is top notch.
Visual Stunner.
It’s another masterpiece.
Pixar’s on notice.
My dad’s favorite.
It’s not simply a review,
It’s a love letter.
Cult grindhouse classic.
Endlessly enjoyable.
Well filmed, edited.
Pure exploitation
Wrapped up in feminism.
Earned drive-in classic.
A drive-in “classic.”
Chief Spano subbed for Oscar.
It’s so bad it’s good.
A grumpy Bronson.
So completely un-P.C.
Enjoy with brain off.
So many fart gags.
Surprised by my emotions.
Struggles with questions.
It’s all I wanted.
Jones and McKinnon, superb.
Don’t prejudge. That’s dumb.
Owns the Bechdel test.
Kathryn Hahn is a goddess.
Laughed so god damn hard.
Full of surprises.
Strong character based horror
Leads to better scares.
Nearly perfect script.
Best action film of all time?
Females empowered.

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